Oneway Happiness Coconut Milk Nourishing Conditioner 100ml | Paraben & sulphate Free Conditioner|


Top all your hair cleanses up with the tropical scents of coconut that will leave your hair feeling detangled, frizz-free, nourished, shiny and soft. It could be your hair’s trip to the beaches where they are promised deep nourishing power of coconut that moisturizes your dull and dry hair while preventing damage. Your hair is going to feel softer and look shinier. Hair Coconut Conditioner will help your scalp feel relaxed and energized against any pollutants or dandruff haunting it. This is all thanks to the great amounts of Aloe Vera, also present in the conditioner, which helps your hair look smooth and shiny, grow well, and feel conditioned. Add to that the intense hydration of cucumbers that can make your hair look healthy and soothe your scalp, Sunflower Oil, which, with its anti-inflammatory properties, prevents itchiness or flakiness, Shea Butter that provides your hair with deep moisturization, and Vitamin E that helps lock the shine into your hair. Your hair would feel like they’ve just had a coconut. Oneway Happiness Coconut Hair Conditioner will leave your hair feel nourished, protected and frizz free. The hydrating hair conditioner is enriched with coconut, aloe vera, sunflower and castor oil. Combination of all gives you smooth and shiny hair. Coconut conditioner provides deep nourishment to your dry hair. Hair conditioner helps keeping your hair frizz free, fresh and soft for whole long day. It nurtures your hair leaving them feel conditioned and protected. Conditioner for hair with aloe vera keeps your scalp healthy and provides deep conditioning. It prevents dryness or flakiness as it nourishes. Filled with antioxidants, aloe protects your hair and scalp, helping their sheen and strength. Your scalp would feel itch-free, relaxed and hydrated. Coconut conditioner for hair helps prevent dandruff and hair breakage while making your hair stronger and more lustrous. Sunflower Oil has anti-inflammatory properties, which make it a saviour for dandruff ridden hair. Conditioner for hair breakage with castor oil provides deep conditioning to hair follicle. The health of hair follicles decides if your hair is prone to breakage or a healthy lush. Coconut hair conditioner is perfect for dry and dull hair.

Weight 450 kg


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